Mr. and Mrs. Rooster are both married educators of technology and science respectively. Mr. Rooster talks the tech while Mrs. Rooster walks the walk. We have both been teaching 5 years and love it! In his free time, Mr. Rooster enjoys finding new tips and tricks for computers and clever ways to incorporate technology into his middle school technology classes. Mrs. Rooster has been promoted to full-time mommy with our little chick at home. She is well-versed in chemistry and biology.

Following the latest tech trends, Mr. Rooster will be bringing you easy-to-use tech tips and other fun freebies to make your computer and mobile experience more enjoyable. For the educators, check back for free web apps I use in my classroom while being fun enough to try as an adult! Music composition, logo makers, Gifs, Memes, you name it, if I haven't tried it, I want to hear about it!

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