Saturday, May 6, 2017

How to Secure Your Google Account

Google hacked? Received a random e-mail from a co-worker about a shared Google Doc?
Did you find a lot of reading from forums to blogs, but still not sure which to trust or use?

We can help.

Our How to Secure Your Google Account video guide will have you back to using your Google account and Docs in no time!

The video is broken up into three parts:
1. What is the Google Docs Scam?
2. How can I fix it if I've been hacked?
3. Additional Google Security Settings to Implement

As a middle school Technology teacher, I shared and demonstrated many of the same resources provided in this video. I hope this video helps you gain a better understanding of what just happened this past week while also assisting you in helping others or yourself, if you have been a victim of this recent scam.

Click on the video below to begin a step-by-step tutorial through this year's "Google Scam".

From the author: "I apparently need to upgrade my screen recorder because my last word was cut off.
For those of you dying to know what my last word was....the word was "...scammed." #soclose

Here are the links used in the video: 

USA Today 
Google Docs warning: There's a phishing scam going around 
By Jeffereson Graham and Brett Molina 

This sophisticated phishing scam has the entire internet terrified By Chris Mills

The Electric Educator
How to protect your Google Account By John R. Sowash 

Share this video with your family, friends, and co-workers so they can stay protected!


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