Monday, February 13, 2017

Technology Lesson - Google Maps GPS Buddy

*New Technology Lesson!

Google Maps - GPS Buddy is exactly what it sounds like. Students work in pairs while one acts as a “GPS” reading off directions to a classmate who is the “driving” on Google Maps. Map reading is a critical life skill that sometimes gets overlooked, what with our smart phones and GPS devices. Students need to have spatial awareness and geographic awareness.

I developed this lesson to compliment any Google Maps or map reading lessons or activities. When I taught this lesson to my middle school students, they were engaged and stayed on task. They were not trying to get out of the activity, but rather determined to reach their destinations. With predetermined address directions, I had students enter in the physical addresses and relay the information to their partner. The driver would in turn have only the starting location and would need to follow their partner’s directions. The driver would have the benefit of asking their “GPS” roads nearby -- (quite an advanced feature if you think about it.)

I expanded upon this idea with seven destinations and an Exit Slip to check for students’ understanding. This lesson is meant for 3rd -12th grade…yes you saw that right. The beginning addresses are simple enough for the younger grades to try out and explore, but with each round, they get progressively harder. I would cap off the 3rd-5th at about round 4, but rounds 5-7 offer quite a bit of challenges even for high schoolers! I included QR-Codes for the younger grades so they can jump right into the action of reading directions instead of worrying about whether they typed the address correctly or not. Granted, for the older grades I recommend students typing in the physical address.

There are four delivery methods for participating in this activity:
-Type physical address
-Click on provided URL
-Type in the Bitly shortcut URL
-Use a QR Code scanner application.

The activity is divided into two players: Player 1 starts as the driver, Player 2 starts as the GPS. Once the driver reaches his or her destination, the players will switch roles, but don’t worry! All rotations are already made on each player’s file. Meaning, you hand Player 1 his or her file, they have everything they need for the entire activity! No confusion. No chaos.

The teacher “Cheat Sheet” makes pacing this lesson a breeze! This file includes all seven addresses and hyperlinks to the driving directions so the teacher can help any student at a moment's notice.

All of our technology lessons are aligned with Common Core and ISTE Standards.
Check out the lesson here:

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